Monday, March 28, 2016

The Republicans are Already Stealing the Nomination from Trump

Trump insider launchers dire emergency warning

The Big Steal is on – trust me.
The Bush, Cruz, Rubio, Romney, Ryan, McConnell faction has united and is moving into high gear to steal the nomination from Trump. The immediate plan is an all out bid to deprive Donald Trump of victory – and the delegates – in Wisconsin.
Governor Scott Walker, long reliant on Koch money, will endorse Cruz. A victory in Wisconsin for Cruz makes the big steal possible. A loss there makes the big steal much more difficult.
The power-brokers’ short term game is clear; stall Trump just short of the magic number of delegates needed to be nominated on the first ballot with the knowledge that many delegates bound on the first ballot by Trump primary and caucus victories would be unbound on a second ballot. Much in the way the RNC stacked the galleries with anti-Trump partisans in the last two debates, anti-Trump quislings are being planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump on subsequent ballots.Some Republican state chairmen, for example, in Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, North Dakota, and other states, are planting “Trojan Horse” delegates into slots won by Trump on the first ballot. The second part of their audacious plan is to use procedural votes to adopt rules for the convention as recommended by the Rules Committee and the seating of the delegates as recommended by the Credentials Committee, neither of which will favor Donald Trump in any way. Those key committees are made up of two members from each state and the conspirators have been quietly placing their establishment stooges in these positions. This poses the gravest danger to Trump.
Trouble in Texas
Rick Perry has visions of a Vice Presidential nomination and has joined with forces loyal to George P. Bush, the Texas Land Commissioner and Ted Cruz to pack the Texas delegation – including the 40% delegates pledged to Trump who will be hard-core Trump opponents free to vote for rules that make the Big Steal from Trump possible or to unseat Trump delegates to help the big steal in Cleveland.
Lubbock County Chairman Carl Tepper, the respected chairman of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association has been shut down in his demand for Trump supporters in the delegation. There will be no Trump delegates from Texas even though party rules require 40 delegates vote for him on the first ballot.

Stealing New Orleans style
Trump won Louisiana’s Republican presidential primary by almost 4%  points, but Cruz is trying to grab 10 more delegates from the state than Trump. Mr. Cruz’s supporters also seized five of Louisiana’s six slots on the three most important committees that will adopt the rules and platform at the Convention and decide who gets to vote this summer in Cleveland.
Trump and Cruz each won 18 delegates apiece based on the Louisiana results in the primary on March 5. But the five delegates awarded to Rubio are now free agents because he dropped out and they will swing behind Mr. Cruz. The state’s five unbound delegates—who are free to back the candidates of their choice—are “regulars” who will vote for Cruz, GOP insiders told me.
The kingmakers snuffed the Trump people easily delegates met to decide who will represent Louisiana on the three important convention committees gathered at a March 12 state convention to elect two members to each panel. Five of the six-committee members are Mr. Cruz backers  and the sixth is uncommitted to a presidential candidate. Louisiana is the first state to name delegates to serve on the three committees.

Palmetto State ProblemsThe big steal is in full swing against Donald Trump in South Carolina where Trump won the primary last month. Bush, Cruz, and Rubio forces are aggressively mobilizing allies to recruit and elect their own stooges to the Republican National Convention — scheduled for late July in Cleveland.South Carolina’s potential delegates may be drawn only from the 925 party insiders who attended the state’s GOP convention in 2015. It’s a pool of party veterans with few Trump supporters. The South Carolina delegation may have no Trump supporters. The GOP bosses plan to use their majority to elect Trump hostiles to the crucial rules and credential’s committees as well. New York Rumble
Trump has problems in his back yard where GOP state chairman Ed Cox has declined to endorse Trump who has the backing of more than 36 of the state’s 62 county leaders and expects to release a list of endorsements today. Trump is killing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the New York primary by 64-12 percent, according to a March 17 Emerson College poll. Trumpites and GOP Insiders are already fighting to grab the state’s 95 delegates. The primary is a month away and delegates are selected in two months.
Buffalo developer Carl Paladino who routed the GOP Primary in 2014 and Trump staffer Mike Caputo have networked with GOP county leaders, who ultimately name the delegates. The Trump team boasts commitments from more than 36 of the state’s 62 county leaders and expects to release a list of endorsements in the coming days. ‘We need some kind of loyalty oath by these delegates that they will reflect the will of the voters” Paladino told me.  Even party leaders who lean toward Trump today are loose “I have no deals with anybody and I’m not married to anyone,” said Nassau County GOP chair Joe Mondello. “I think Mr. Trump right now is the guy.”
The Big Steal will shift into high gear when more states, including Arizona, Colorado and North Dakota, begin selecting their convention delegates, using methods including statewide and congressional district conventions, meetings of state party leaders and county-level votes or caucuses.

Badger State Show Down
Wisconsin appears to be the battleground for the GOP cabal to take Trump down. Sources tell me $25 million from Cruz and Cruz related superPACS as well as three different anti-Trump PACS funded by Romney backers will flood the state. Trump himself told me he won’t be out-campaigned in the Badger State.
This is ground zero for Cruz. He must win it to have any shot of stalling Trump. Trump can sustain a loss but it will be costly.
The Bush ConnectionThose who were surprised Jeb backed Cruz despite George W. Bush’s intense dislike for his former issues man shouldn’t be.
When Neil Bush signed up as Co-Finance Chairman with Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush added his endorsement, which I predicted on Infowars, it had been clear that the GOP establishment has swallowed hard to back their prickly fellow globalist, Ted Cruz. You see it’s not really politics of Ted Cruz the elites dislike. It’s his personality.
Ted and Heidi have both worked for Bush 41. Ted and Heidi have been on board for the Globalist agenda. She worked in the NSA with Condi and then with the neocon warlord Robert Zoellick, a modern day Dr. Evil ( World Bank, CFR and Goldman Sachs).
Ted was Bush’s Issues guy for his 2012 campaign for President and in the White House. He went to Harvard and Princeton.  He recruited John Roberts to the Bush legal team. He game-planned Bush v. Gore for Bush in the 2000 recount. He supports TPP. He’s a globalist .

Enter Phil Gramm
Even worse Cruz named Phil Gramm as his economic guru. This guy virtually crashed the US economy. Gramm is largely responsible for two bills which led to the speculative bubble which popped in September 2008.  First was his  Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill repealed Glass Steagall, which separated investment banking from commercial banking.  Its repeal — which was signed into law by President Clinton, with the backing of Robert Rubin and Larry Summers — opened the door for a flood of money, from commercial banks, to flow into mortgage-backed securities and other funny-money schemes, which blew up in 2008.
The second bill was the Commodity Futures Modernization Act (CFMA), which totally freed derivative trading from any regulatory oversight.  This was another Phil Gramm bill, and was central to the bubble creation from 2000 to 2008, and then again today.
Following the crash of 2008, the Dodd Frank bill was backed by Obama and teams of Wall Street lobbyists, who mobilized to make sure that Glass Steagall was not restored, and that the CFMA was kept in place.  As a result, when combined with bailouts and Quantitative Easing, a new bubble has grown, allowing Wall Street speculators to continue the Ponzi scheme, while depriving the real economy of credit.
Phil Gramm is now an official at UBS, the Swiss bank which has been under fire for its protection of tax-cheating U.S. corporations and the upper echelon of financial speculators.  Gramm would be the architect of the Cruz economic model.
God help us.

The end game
This is the insiders pulling strings illustration of power politics that will be played in Cleveland. While Mr. Trump leads in winning primary and caucus elections, and has won more delegates, the Establishment will stack the delegations to the convention, where the votes on the rules and seating of delegates could ultimately choose the nominee.
Stacking the convention and its committees with supporters is the last option for Cruz, because a contested convention is his only viable path to the nomination. The Texas Senator must win 85% of the remaining delegates to win outright, a highly unlikely scenario with many states awarding delegates proportionally.
The Kingmakers aren’t wedded to Cruz but the long shot nomination of a Romney or Ryan may be a reach too far. What the Kingmakers must do first is stop Trump.Don’t underestimate the establishment’s desperation to overthrow the democratically expressed wishes of the people with a rigged convention. This time the conspirators are banking on the fact that the nomination will not be decided on the first ballot, but in a series of procedural votes by the entire convention. This will be the tell.

At the same time the Bosses are furious at Governor John Kasich and his handler John Weaver.  He hasn’t a hope of winning anything, but if he dropped out of the race the 66 delegates he picked up for winning Ohio would then go to Trump, who placed second. Kasich is playing for a Vice Presidential slot on somebody’s ticket.The establishment elite will do anything and everything they can to disregard the democratically expressed wishes of the American people. They will claim they are trying to strengthen the Republican Party for the general election. The truth is that if they succeed it will tear the GOP apart and make the nomination worthless.All the establishment elite are really interested in is keeping their grip on power within the party and maintaining their influence peddling businesses. I know. I was once one of the highest paid lobbyists in Washington. They really could care less who wins the general election. Most in the GOP lobbyist class derive their livelihood from the Republican majorities in Congress and they see Hillary Clinton as transactional, someone you can rent if not buy.The establishment have been running the Republican Party for so long, and wring the game for so long, that they haven’t realized things have changed. The rise of Trump is a tidal wave. In their deluded minds their plan to steal the nomination from Donald Trump will work just the same as it did with Ron Paul in 2012. But Trump has a constituency that will not stand for it.Trump has managed to awaken the silent majority of Americans who previously either did not bother to vote or just shrugged their shoulders and accepted that the system is rigged and the little man cannot have an impact. Today Trump has become a leader for the non-elites. He is an alternative to doing the bidding of Bushs and Clintons and their ilk who have become richer and richer while the ordinary people have become poorer and poorer and America itself turned into a debt-ridden shadow of its once great self.Unfortunately, because of establishment propaganda –that the MSM has been only too willing and eager to promulgate – many are still biased by their irrational hatred of Donald Trump – and the ham handed efforts by the Soros crowd to smear him as a racist – to even notice that the democratic foundation of their Nation and American Sovereignty is being destroyed by the very people who are conspiring to stop Trump’s nomination as they ease us towards the New World Order.

 Roger Stone ( served as an advisor to the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump and remains a close confidante of the Republican frontrunner.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

PROOF: Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal Not Linked to Trump Campaign – Was Started by GOP Elites

These rumors did not start with Donald Trump

On Friday Ted Cruz blamed Donald Trump and his former consultant Roger Stone for the National Enquirer article on his alleged extramarital affairs.
cruz national enquirer
Ted Cruz Cruz told reporters in Wisconsin the story was “all lies.” Cruz then went on to blame the article on Donald Trump and his “henchmen.” Cruz argued Roger Stone has been forwarding the article today on the internet. He thinks Trump campaign is behind this story. Cruz also said the publisher of the National Enquirer is a friend of Donald Trump’s.

But these rumors did not start with Donald Trump.
The rumors were started by the Rubio Campaign and GOP elites.
Conservative Treehouse reported:
It was discovered that weeks ago a large number of Marco Rubio operatives and supporters were trying to bring the sex scandal story to the MSM attention.
Under the open guise of #TheThing they were communicating via various twitter feeds and following along to see if the story had been picked up. Most of the activity was centered around March 10th – March 15th.
Yesterday the hashtag CruzSexScandal went viral. Today, many of those DC operatives, participants, supporters, consultants, Super-PAC’s and campaign advisors have spent a great deal of time deleting their (The Thing) participation. The peak of their scrubbing coincided with Senator Ted Cruz accusing Donald Trump of planting the story.
Obviously, the Rubio Clan didn’t want to see themselves outed as the originating entities.
Virtually everyone in the blog-o-sphere who supported Marco Rubio was active, tweeting, re-tweeting, or following the events related to #TheThing. Now they’re running for cover and trying to hide their fingerprints.
Anti-Trump Republican operative Rick Wilson tweeted this out weeks ago.
(He has since deleted it.)
rick wilson cruz tweet
More from Rick Wilson…
** Cuban Mistress Crisis=> Rumors of Cruz Tryst “Compilation Video”?
Then there’s this…
The GOP establishment #StopTrump Twitter page, which is dedicated to destroying Donald Trump, posted this tweet on Cruz’s affairs back on March 13th.
stop trump tweet on cruz
This tweet was also deleted.
The GOP establishment is trying to hide their tracks.
But the internet is forever.

It looks like Lyin’ Ted Cruz owes Donald Trump an apology.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Obama: ‘There’s Little Difference Between Communism and Capitalism’

"Just choose from what works"

Obama responded to a question about nonprofit community organizations and the necessity of attracting funding from both the public and private sectors.
“So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate,” Obama said.
“Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works,” he added.
Obama went on to praise Cuba’s socialist system under dictator Raúl Castro, touting the country’s free access to basic education and health care, although he acknowledged that Havana itself “looks like it did in the 1950s” because the economy is “not working”.
Obama concluded his comments by arguing that a market-based system “has to have a social and moral and ethical and community basis”.
Reaction to the remarks wasn’t pretty.
“This man is so destructive, so harmful and so ignorant,” wrote Jim Hoft.
“The Marxist in the White House is erasing the lines between two dangerous ideologies and the one that made the US great, just as he erased our borders. This is a man who would be at home in communist China,” chided the Independent Sentinel.
For a more accurate breakdown of how capitalism beats socialism every time, watch the video below.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Watch: Journalists Punched, Kicked, And Rammed With Car In Sweden’s ‘Little Mogadishu’ No-Go Zone

The migrants throw missile and punches, fly kick the journalist, and even run one over with a car

An Australian TV station has released a shocking report showing its crew being attacked by masked men in a Stockholm suburb know as ‘Little Mogadishu’ due to it’s primarily Somali population.
Since the report was filmed last month, Swedish police have dropped all charges, despite the migrants throwing missile and punches, fly kicking the journalist, and even running one over with a car.
The Channel Nine crew and high-profile Australian news correspondent, Liz Hayes, had traveled to the Swedish capital to investigate how the migrant “overload” has affected Swedish society.
Upon entering a migrant area, Rinkeby, they were quick to discover some of those effects, and why it is that they have become known as “no-go zones”.

Soros Board Member Chairs Firm Running Online Voting for Tuesday’s Utah Caucuses

The chairman of Smartmatic’s board, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, currently serves on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and has close ties to the billionaire

Smartmatic Group, an electronic voting firm whose worldwide headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, will be running the online balloting process in the Utah Republican Open Caucuses on Tuesday.
The chairman of Smartmatic’s board, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, currently serves on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and has close ties to the billionaire.
The Wall Street Journal dubbed the Republican party’s online adventure on Tuesday as “one of the biggest online votes conducted so far in the U.S.” and the “largest experiment with online presidential voting since 2004, when Michigan allowed Democrats to vote in a party caucus via the Internet.”
The Journal further reported:
Utah residents will have the option of casting ballots in the Republican presidential contest using computers, tablets, and smartphones next week. …Online “polls” will be open between 7:00 a.m. and 11 p.m. on March 22. Voters will get a receipt that will verify that their vote was recorded correctly. The state party declined to release the number of online voter registrations that it has received. …“We expect all the jurisdictions across the U.S. to take notice and to look at this experience as something to study and, hopefully, follow,” said Antonio Mugica, founder and chief executive of Smartmatic Group, an election-equipment vendor that is running the Utah election.
Mugica addressed security concerns about online voting, telling the Journal that Smartmatic has security protocols and backups of the election data should a recount be needed. He said he wasn’t aware of any security breaches. Read more

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bomb-sniffing dog discovers 2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland

The FBI in Portland said it is looking into the reports

Serbia’s authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for Portland contained two missiles with explosive warheads on a passenger flight from Lebanon.
N1 television said the package with two guided armor-piercing missiles was discovered Saturday by a sniffer dog after an Air Serbia flight from Beirut landed at a Belgrade airport.
Serbian media say documents listed the final destination for the AGM-114 Hellfire missiles as Portland. The American-made projectiles can be fired from air, sea or ground platforms against multiple targets.
The Serbian state news agency Tanjug reported that the missiles had been packed in wooden coffins and unloaded at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, where they were inspected by bomb-sniffing dogs.
This type of missile was originally designed to be fired from a helicopter and was named Helicopter Launched, Fire and Forget Missile — later shortened to Hellfire.
Read more

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Is this the Most Powerful Donald Trump Video Ever?

Pro-Trump montage depicts Republican frontrunner as unifying figure

A web group has produced an inspiring video depicting Donald Trump as a unifying figure, a stark contrast to media attacks painting the Republican frontrunner as racist.
Uploaded by the End the Fed Facebook group, the video entitled, “The greatest video of Trump you will ever see,” claims it contains “facts you won’t see on the mainstream media.”
The hotel mogul’s Facebook page shared the video Tuesday, ahead of several primary elections.
“Wow- thank you!” Trump stated in response.
Within two days, the pro-Trump montage has garnered over 3.7 million views, over 120 thousand shares and more than 100 thousand likes.

Sweden Warns Women Not To Go Out Alone After Dark: “This Is Serious”

As you might have noticed, Europe is falling apart

As you might have noticed, Europe is falling apart.
Some manner of ambiguous “deal” with the Turks notwithstanding, the EU is going to collapse under the weight of the millions of asylum seekers that have inundated the bloc over the past 12 months.

At this juncture, the so-called Balkan Route has for all intents and purposes been closed (Angela Merkel’s protestations aside). This has left Greece in a terribly precarious situation. Tens of thousands of migrants are stuck now that Macedonia has sealed its borders, and barring some kind of dramatic breakthrough, Alexis Tsipras is going to watch as his country descends into chaos for the second time in 18 months.

But while multiple countries have now suspended the bloc’s beloved Schengen in an effort to “stop the madness,” as it were, it’s too late to stop the chaos. As we’ve documented extensively, Europe was remarkably resilient in the wake of the Paris attacks, but after New Year’s Eve, when (rightly or wrongly) adult male Mid-East asylum seekers garnered a reputation for sexual assault, sentiment soured. Markedly.
Since then, the entirety of the EU has been on high alert. Not for terrorists, but for sexual predators of “foreign origin.
One particularly divisive issue is the extent to which officials have tended to “blame the victim”, so to speak. For instance, Cologne mayor Henriette Reker drew sharp criticism for suggesting that it was German womens’ duty to prevent assaults by keeping would-be assailants “at arm’s length.
”Then there was the now infamous case of the 17-year-old Danish girl who faced a fine from police after she allegedly used “illegal” pepper spray to deter an attacker.
Well, in the latest example of authorities suggesting that Europeans should adapt to threats rather than compelling authorities to protect citizens, police in Östersund advised women not to walk around by themselves at night, during at press conference on Monday.
“Women in a town in northern Sweden have been warned not to walk alone at night in the wake of a spike in violent assaults and attempted rapes,” The Daily Mail writes. “Police in Östersund made the unusual move to ask women not to go out unaccompanied after dark, after reports of eight brutal attacks, some by ‘men of foreign appearance’, in just over two weeks.” Here’s more:
It is extremely unusual for Swedish authorities to make such warnings, and it has not been well received in Sweden, a country proud of its progress in gender equality and women’s rights.
All incidents have taken place in Östersund since the 20th of February, and involved outdoor attacks where the perpetrators have been unknown to their female victims.
A police spokesperson added that in addition to the increased frequency, the attacks are also conspicuous as – despite being carried out late at night – none of the perpetrators were drunk.
Yes, sober potential rapists! Now that is alarming.
“What stands out is also that none of these perpetrators have been under the influence,” regional police chief Stephen Jerand told Sveriges Television.
No, Stephen, what “stands out” is that there are gangs of men raping unaccompanied women in the streets of Östersund. Whether they are drunk or not is entirely irrelevant.
In any event, Swedes weren’t happy with the suggestion that women should stay off the streets at night. Here’s The Local:
The force’s recommendation that women should avoid being alone at night swiftly prompted criticism in Sweden, a nation that prides itself on promoting gender equality.
“The solution can never be to not go out because of such a warning. We have very many women who work in home and social care at night for example. What are they supposed to do?” the city’s mayor Ann-Sofie Andersson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.
The politician, who represents the government’s Social Democrat party at a regional level, said she wished police had told her about their intentions before issuing the warning.
“It’s wrong if it calls on women to adapt to the criminals. It risks leading people the wrong way, if the victims must adapt to the perpetrators,” he said.
Fair enough, but police say their warning was taken out of context.
“We are not limiting anyone’s freedom. This is purely factual information,” the police chief told the TT news agency. “This is serious, we care about the protection of women and that is why we are going out and talking about this.
”Essentially, the police are admitting that they are essentially powerless to stop this. Is it better that they come clean and warn the populace or pretend that they can protect the citizenry when they in fact cannot?
And who here, ultimately, is at fault? It’s certainly not the Swedes and it’s probably not the Östersund police who can’t possibly be expected to cope, on short notice, with what’s happening to the country. You could fault Angela Merkel for adopting the “open-door” mirgrant policy, but really, if you want to trace the roots, you might want to ask yourself who destabilized Syria in the first place…

Shock Cell Phone Video Shows The LaVoy Finicum Shooting From Inside Vehicle

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office calls shooting justified

Shocking cell phone footage captured from inside the truck of LaVoy Finicum, the 54-year-old leader in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation, shows the moments before and after his death last January.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Did Ted Cruz Eat A Booger During The Republican Debate?

Viral Video Shows Unintentionally Disgusting Moment

Ted Cruz appeared to eat a booger during Thursday night’s Republican debate, just one of the crazy moments from a debate that featured more on-stage bickering and bizarre comebacks than policy debates.
The Texas Senator may have had the most (unintentionally) gross moment of the night, as he appeared to eat a booger that dangled from his nose and eventually fell from his lip and into his mouth. The moment caught the almost immediate attention of social media, where many people shared the video and tried to figure out if they saw what they thought the did.
[Video of the booger-eating can be found below, for those who really need to see it.]

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Video: Trump Camp Destroys ‘Conservative’ Romney With His Own Words

Romney supports amnesty, man-made global warming, Obamacare and abortion...

The Trump campaign released a powerful video taking down former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hours ahead of a scheduled anti-Trump speech in Utah.

The video, entitled “Mitt Romney Not Conservative” and uploaded to the campaign’s Facebook page yesterday, highlights many instances in which the two-time presidential loser supported policies typically espoused by liberal and progressive Democrats.
In a collection of clips from throughout his political career, Romney supports amnesty, man-made global warming, Obamacare and abortion, in addition to flip-flopping on the need for an economic stimulus.

The former Massachusetts governor today attempted to sway Republican voters away from the current GOP frontrunner, labeling Trump “a phony” and “a fraud” and his supporters “suckers,” despite Trump’s endorsement of Romney nearly four years ago.

In less than a day, Trump’s video has accumulated over 1 million views.