Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Report: 22-Year-Old Muslim Migrants in Canadian School “Hitting on 14-15 Year Old Girls”

Adult "refugees" run riot as political correctness prevents issues from being addressed

Earlier this year, Goldy exposed how migrants at Chebucto Heights Elementary School were abusing other children, in one case choking a girl with a metal chain while yelling “Muslims rule the world”. The story was subsequently censored by major news outlets that had initially reported on it.
Goldy asked parents whose children attend other schools in Canada to send tips if their children were experiencing problems with newly arrived migrants.
That led to her receiving a Facebook post from a parent whose child attends Fredericton High School in New Brunswick which claimed that migrant students up to 22 years old who are well built and have full beards were being accepted by the school.
According to the concerned parent, the young men are hitting on girls aged 14-15, but having been brushed off are having more “success” with even younger girls in the year below.
The parent says that Canadian boys in the school are scared of speaking up about the situation for fear of being labeled “racist”.
The Rebel then filed a Freedom of Information request asking the school for any information “regarding problems or issues surrounding the integration of Syrian migrant students.”
Goldy describes the revelations contained in the 2700 documents she received from the school as “scandalous”. They include;
– 19 and 20-year-old men starting physical confrontations with teachers and bullying other students “particularly when it comes to girls in the class.”
– Migrants using vulgar sexual language in Arabic in front of the girls to refer to their penises.
– An opinion survey given to Syrian migrants which found that just shy of 20% thought “marital rape” and “forced abortions” are acceptable.
– An email between staff that revealed how a migrant student listed “RPGs” (rocket propelled grenade launchers) as one of his hobbies.
– Migrant students expressing a demand for gender segregated prayer rooms and school buses.
– Young migrant girls expressing fears to teachers about their own brothers and fathers.
– Anti-Semitic bullying as migrants target Jewish students.
According to Goldy, the documents reveal the presence of “budding radicals in the classroom” and illustrate how Canada is importing a “war on women” while concerns over political correctness are preventing the issues from being addressed.
The revelations emerge as residents of Twin Falls, Idaho continue to demand answers over the sexual assault of a 5-year-old special-needs girl in the laundry room of the Fawnbrook Apartments by three migrant boys.

Final Benghazi report details administration failures

The 800-page report was released on Tuesday

In their long-awaited final report, Republicans on the House Benghazi Committee concluded that the Obama administration — including then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — failed across multiple agencies and levels to protect American diplomats in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.
The 800-page report was released on Tuesday, and marks the culmination of a two-year investigation that has haunted the 2016 Democratic front-runner on the campaign trail, even as Clinton’s campaign has consistently slammed the probe as a political vendetta.
Republicans have denied those accusations and Chairman Trey Gowdy’s committee offered new details about how Clinton’s State Department failed to protect the diplomatic outpost in Libya. The report also said that the CIA missed the looming threat despite warnings and wrote faulty intelligence reports after the attack. And GOP staff said their findings indicate that the Defense Department did not meet its response times to deploy military assets to Benghazi and follow up to ensure Americans were rescued in a timely fashion.
The report includes new details about a U.S. teleconference convened by White House chief of staff Denis McDonough during the attack. According to the report, some participants on the video conference were unsure about what each agency was doing to rescue Americans.State Department officials on the call also brought up concerns about whether Marines who might have been deployed to Benghazi were wearing uniforms, the report found — something officials previously said could hurt diplomacy in the region. One commander told the committee he and his men over the course of three hours kept having to change from uniforms to civilian clothes.The military never deployed to Benghazi.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit: The UK’s Boston Tea Party

What's next in the revolt against globalism?

Alex Jones reports on celebrating Brexit, but warns against the coming persecution and dirty tricks by the elite who will fight back against freedom.

Flashback: Obama Admin Busing Illegals Deep Into U.S.

In 2014, Infowars broke how the Obama admin. was bringing in illegals via bus

Finally, the mainstream media is reporting on what we broke two years ago: the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol – under pressure from the Obama administration – is purchasing bus tickets and vouchers for illegal immigrants to ship them deeper into the country at taxpayers’ expense.
Local media KRGV is now covering how the McAllen, Texas, bus station is used as a transit hub for illegals Obama is bringing into the country, which Infowars exclusively broke in 2014 when no one else dared to report on it.
From KRGV:
The United Nations said there are more Central Americans headed to the Rio Grande Valley.
Central American families that are caught and released by Border Patrol end up at the McAllen bus station. Luis Guerrero started volunteering at Catholic Charities two years ago.
“I’m an ex-firefighter. I always liked to help people,” he said.
The people Guerrero helps are from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other Central American countries.
Read more

Now here’s our report from 2014:

“…The Border Patrol dropped off what they call detainees but obviously they’re not detained when they drop them off,” McAllen, Texas City Attorney Kevin Pagan said in a 2014 interview with Infowars. “Normally they have tickets or arraigned transportation to go somewhere in the interior [of the U.S.].”
Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson also asked Pagan why the Border Patrol was also bringing them to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen.
“They’re not bringing them here, they’re bringing them to our bus terminals because that’s where the Border Patrol understands that they have transportation to go to the interior,” he stated. “So they’re dropping them off and it’s our understanding that they were dropped off with tickets or with vouchers for tickets, but it turns out that some of them tonight didn’t have their tickets or their vouchers for tickets, or like I said their buses are tomorrow, so they have no where to stay.”“Our bus terminal – by ours I mean the City of McAllen – is not a 24/7 operation so we got to put them up somewhere else.”

Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Victory Makes Trump Presidency More Likely

Populist uprising rocks global order

The surprise Brexit vote result in the United Kingdom represents a sensational victory for populist politics and makes a Donald Trump presidency more likely.
Brits stunned the world yesterday by choosing to ditch the European Union and reclaim their own sovereignty, a result that has rocked the global order.
It’s also an outcome that could help blaze a trail for Trump all the way to the Oval Office.
“If there’s one conclusion to draw from the Brexit result, it’s that nationalist sentiments may not necessarily be visible to political elites but the right person, with the right cause, can easily bring them out,” writes Brett LoGiurato.
According to Republican pollster Frank Luntz, the result represents a massive populist uprising.
“Populism is rising everywhere as people decide that government does not listen and does not care,” said Luntz.
“But this is even more significant, because Britain has never been the source of populist uprisings like this. If Britain can vote itself out of Europe, America can vote itself in for Trump.”
Nigel Farage also commented on the issue during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.
“There is something happening in American politics that is perhaps a bit of a mirror of what’s happening here, a feeling in much of America, that what happens in Washington is too detached and too remote and Trump is cashing in on some of it,” said Farage, adding, “He must have a chance of winning.”
As the BBC reports, a Brexit win signifies that anti-globalist sentiment is stronger than the political class had bargained for.
“The forces of globalisation are causing havoc for European workers as they are for American workers,” writes Katty Kay. “If you are a white working class man (in particular) the combined effects of immigration, free trade and technology have made your job and your wages less secure. Policy makers in the UK and the US have singularly failed to address these issues in any meaningful way.”
The Brexit victory also underscores the fact that the electorate is angry and feels a deep sense of concern about issues such as immigration and lost national identity.
“If the forces of disgruntlement, nationalism, populism and anti-globalisation are strong enough to force a radical move in the UK, they may be strong enough to force a radical election in America too,” according to Kay.
Trump himself wasted little time in drawing attention to the monumental significance of the Brexit vote as he arrived in Scotland, telling reporters that he saw a big “parallel” between Brexit and what’s happening with his own political movement.
“People want to take their country back, and they want to have independence in a sense,” said Trump, adding, “People want to see borders, they don’t necessarily want people pouring into their country that they don’t know who they are and where they come from.”
The presumptive Republican nominee also commented on the outcome in a Facebook post, writing, “The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union, and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy.”
“Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first. They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people,” he added.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BREXIT: Independence Day for Britain?

Britain fights to regain its sovereignty from the EU dictatorship

Will June 23rd be Britain’s 4th of July? The vote on whether Britain will leave the European Union will be held Thursday. Lord Christopher Monckton explains why BREXIT is part of the movement against globalist efforts to eradicate democracies worldwide.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Report: Three Syrian “Refugees” Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho

Furious residents accuse council of cover-up

Three Syrian refugees reportedly raped a little girl at knifepoint in Idaho before urinating on her body, an incident that prompted furious residents to accuse Twin Falls city council members of covering up the assault.

The sexual assault allegedly took place on June 2, but has received virtually no media attention aside from one vague KMVT report.
However, residents have been circulating what really happened on social media, with the Creeping Sharia blog reporting that the victim was a young girl who was born premature and is “less developed for her age”.
The perpetrators were three Syrian youths aged 8, 10 and 13, with the oldest boy directing the assault.
The little girl was playing outside Fawnbrook apartment buildings when the boys put a knife to her throat and forced her inside a laundry unit. She was then stripped naked, raped and urinated on. The 13-year-old reportedly told the younger boys to urinate on her because they were incapable of ejaculating.
The victim’s grandmother found the victim and then called the girl’s mother, who called the police. The police took 2 and a half hours to arrive but were unable to take any action due to the “language barrier”.
When she arrived, the mother of the alleged rapists was only able to say “no police,” while the father reportedly congratulated his 13-year-old son. Video of the entire assault was captured on the boy’s cellphone.
A follow-up KMTV report revealed that, “the case has officially been sealed by a judge with no chance of it ever being unsealed since all parties involved are minors.”
A video of a Twin Falls council meeting shows irate residents demanding to know why council members have done nothing to address the alleged rape, as well as numerous other issues involving Syrian refugees being housed in the area, including hit and run incidents and Muslims spitting on non-Muslims.
Around 50 Syrian “refugees” are reportedly housed at the Fawnbrook site.
Council members were also grilled as to how a mosque was approved after just 24 hours, whereas a new home application would take at least 2 weeks just to process.
In every instance, the council members claim ignorance as to the severity of the situation, with one even suggesting that residents’ concerns are based on anti-Muslim prejudice and even white supremacism.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hillary Campaign Funded By 9/11 Terrorists

Royal Family of Saudi Arabia funding Clinton presidential campaign

Hillary’s NWO cohort, President Obama, utilized the Hegelian Dialectic to simply lie out of both sides of his mouth to get elected.
Obama racked up countless broken promises, a tactic Hillary wields with abandon.
The latest hell hound on Hillary’s trail is the fact that twenty percent of her campaign is funded by none other than Saudi Arabia.
That’s right, Hillary is funded by those responsible for 9/11.
The country that bought its way onto the United Nation’s Human Rights council, while simultaneously beheading its own citizens.
The 2016 death toll in Saudi Arabia is up to 95 as of June 2nd, 2016.
The Country that has a legal system based on Sharia Law with a Sharia Law mole compromising a potential U.S. President in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood linked Huma Abedin via her parents and her brothers.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SF Soldier Who Predicted Orlando Attack Gives Dire Warning

Two weeks before attack, Kennedy informed Americans of potential threat

Tim Kennedy is an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other locations around the globe.
Currently Tim is assigned to Special Operations Detachment (A) as a Senior Special Forces Weapons Sgt.
Tim is also an American professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the UFC’s Middleweight division.
As of June 1, 2016, he was ranked #9 in official UFC Fighter Rankings.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Orlando Attack

"Carried out by an Islamic State fighter"

According to Amaq News, a Syrian news agency with close ties to the Islamic State, the group has taken credit for the attack in Orlando, Florida.
“The armed attack that targeted a gay night club in the city of Orlando in the American state of Florida which left over 100 people dead or injured was carried out by an Islamic State fighter,” Amaq claims.
Omar Mateen, a US citizen of Afghan heritage who was killed by police when they stormed the night club, is said to have called 911 and pledged allegiance to the terrorist group.

Exclusive: 8 Orlando Residents on ISIS ‘Kill List’

Thousands of Americans listed as targets

An ISIS kill list released online Monday includes 8 residents from Orlando, Florida – the site of Sunday morning’s horrific terror attack that took the lives of more than 50 people.
The list, obtained and analyzed by Infowars, mentions what appears to be the names, addresses and emails of 8 females throughout the Orlando area.
Whether any of the Orlando residents listed were among the dead or injured is unknown at this time.
The attacker, 29-year-old Omar Mateen, reportedly called 911 to announce his allegiance to the Islamic State prior to shooting more than 100 people at the gay nightclub “Pulse.”
Aamaq Agency, an Islamic State news organizaiton, was quick to claim responsibility for the shooting – calling Mateen an “Islamic State fighter.”
Infowars will continue updating this article as news becomes available.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Exclusive: Bilderberg Member Confronted, Says Secrecy of Meetings is Essential

Stanislav Tillich violates shadowy group's insistence on secrecy with shock comments

Bilderberg member Stanislav Tillich may have put his future attendance of the clandestine confab in jeopardy after breaking the shadowy group’s insistence on secrecy and admitting to reporters that the organization is basically a powerful lobbying group.
 organization is basically a powerful lobbying group.

Bilderberg attendees are bound by Chatham House rules and are told not to discuss anything about the meeting with reporters, so Tillich’s decision to go on the record about how the conference functions is likely to land him in hot water.
The Governor of the Saxony province of Germany, who appears on this year’s official list, was confronted by Infowars’ Rob Dew and Tilman Knchtel as he left a church in Dresden earlier tonight.
Tillich refused to answer questions about his involvement with Bilderberg as his minders bundled him into a car. However, it was Tillich’s earlier conversation with Max Bachmann that provided further insight.
The Governor brazenly admitted that Bilderberg was an opportunity for him to attract investment to the city of Dresden by hob-nobbing with German politicians, businessmen and other members of the global elite.
“I hope that members will leave this town knowing that it will be worth doing investments here,” said Tillich, demolishing the media portrayal of Bilderberg as just a “talking shop” that has no real world consequences.
Tillich also sensationally revealed that he wouldn’t be allowed to get near some of the more senior members of Bilderberg, remarking, “It will probably be like me sitting at a table with ten other people and see the other 120 members from a distance.”
“When dinner is finished, I will just head home again,” he added.
Asked if he had any comment on criticisms made by reporters that Bilderberg should be more transparent about its agenda, Tillich made reference to the Bilderberg Group releasing its list of attendees and a vague list of the topics it will discuss.
He then lauded the group’s controversial penchant for secrecy, commenting, “I personally like the opportunity to discuss some things without the public ear listening, which is also what they do at companies when they are deciding on new strategies or politicians who work at new laws (who) have interest in secrecy as well.”
“The same thing goes for these people at Bilderberg who want to speak about certain topics on their own,” added Tillich, claiming that no decisions are made during the meeting.
However, as Bilderberg member Will Hutton once admitted, “The consensus established is the backdrop against which policy is made worldwide.”SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

Federal Court Rules Against 2nd Amendment

Strikes down previous ruling upholding right to concealed carry

On Thursday a federal appeals court in California ruled the Second Amendment does not permit Americans to carry firearms in public.
The ruling upholds a California law that imposes strict rules on individuals who wish to exercise concealed carry. The California law requires applicants to demonstrate “good cause” for carrying a weapon.
The ruling strikes down previous decision. In 2014, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Peruta v. County of San Diego that the right to carry a firearm is guaranteed by the Second Amendment.
“Based on the overwhelming consensus of historical sources, we conclude that the protection of the Second Amendment—whatever the scope of that protection may be—simply does not extend to the carrying of concealed firearms in public by members of the general public,” the ruling written by Judge William A. Fletcher declares.
A dissent by Circuit Judge Maria Callahan warns the ruling will have detrimental impact on the Constitution.“Constitutional rights would become meaningless if states could obliterate them by enacting incrementally more burdensome restrictions while arguing that a reviewing court must evaluate each restriction by itself when determining its constitutionality,” Callahan wrote.The decision establishes a precedent for future challenges to the right to concealed carry and will embolden efforts by the government to dilute and eventually render the Second Amendment meaningless.Ben Shapiro, writing for the Daily Wire, argues “incrementalism is the explicit goal of the left. Of course Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will never say they want to ban all firearms. Instead, they’ll just destroy the right to bear arms piecemeal: they’ll say that you have no right to open carry, you have no right to concealed carry, and you have no right to have guns in the home.”“This is how the Constitution is rendered meaningless: not in one giant full-frontal assault, but day by day, case by case. This is also why the Second Amendment matters. The government that can carve away your gun rights can carve away all the other ones, too,” he warns.

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected — if it Goes Viral

This is why Donald Trump should be president

Via Youtube:
The American people need to realize that Donald J. Trump is our last hope. He is the only person who is capable of saving America and the Western World as a whole from falling into the depths of despair due to globalist agendas and a crippling political correctness era.
These clips show Donald Trump from all the way back in 1986 up until present day, and they do a fantastic job at demonstrating the kind of person Trump is, and why he deserves to be the next president.
Time stamps to each segment:
* 1980 Rona Barrett Interview 00:10
* 1987 Oprah Interview 00:47
* 1988 GOP Convention 01:58
* 1989 Interview 02:55
* 1991 C-Span Interview 04:59
* 1999 Press Interview 06:05
* 2004 CNN Interview 06:27
* 2007 Larry King Live 07:00
* 2011 Steve Forbes Interview 07:27
* 2012 CNN Comments on Romney 09:08
* 2012 CNBC Interview on Economy 09:22
* 2014 Speaking at CPAC 11:18
* 2015 Press Event 14:17

Hillary in 2006: US Needs “Physical Barrier” to Keep Mexicans Out

It's only "racist" when Trump says it...

Shocking video shows Hillary Clinton calling for deportations and the building of a “physical barrier” to keep Mexicans out of the US.
Hillary is seen arguing the policies of Mexico are “pushing migration north across our border” and says the US needs to “secure our borders” with “physical barriers,” implement “tougher employer sanctions” for hiring illegals and “deport” those who’ve “committed transgressions.”
The video was taken from a speech Clinton gave to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006.

The video is noteworthy because according to Clinton and her cronies, Trump is “racist” for advocating much the same policies.
Clinton has since “evolved” her positions to support mass amnestyending deportations and opening Obamacare to illegals.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Real Truth About Politicians

MMA fighter and Special Forces soldier explains difference between forefathers and today's leaders

In a new video in the Infowars True Patriot series, UFC fighter and former Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy breaks down the real truth about most politicians today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Infowars Launches True Patriot Movement with Tim Kennedy

Top 10 UFC Middleweight fighter and former Special Forces sniper joins Infowars in quest for freedom

Infowars is teaming up with top 10 UFC Middleweight fighter and former Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy to launch the True Patriot movement — a call to arms for all liberty lovers and free thinkers.
We are excited to announce that Infowars will be working with Tim Kennedy to bring you special insights on liberty, human empowerment, and the quest for freedom.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Establishment Republicans Giving Up Fight Against Trump

Neocons, including Paul Ryan, publicly back off - for now

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and another remnant of the neocon old guard, admitted that Trump has won him over.
“…Yes, he’s a fiscal conservative, he wants to pay down the national debt, rein in spending,” Norquist told Time Magazine. “One of the things that’s helpful with Trump is that he has been in business.”
“When somebody comes up with a regulatory idea, he has a sense of who that would hurt, what jobs that would kill, that would never occur to Obama.”
When Time pressed him on Trump’s “laughable pledge” to reduce the national debt, Norquist stepped up to bat for Trump, saying “all he’s doing is laying out what direction he wants to go in.”He continued:
“Presidents only get to set directions, they don’t get to say how far you go in the direction you’re talking about—that’s what Congress decides. And what Trump did well during the campaign is say I’m focused on jobs, I’m focused on the jobs, I’m focused on the jobs. The one thing Obama never talks about is jobs. He wants to cure the environment at the cost of jobs, he wants the EPA to do this at the cost of jobs, he wants global warming at the cost of jobs. He never talks about all the jobs that he’s killed.”
This comes just after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan wrote in an op-ed that he’s finally decided to endorse Trump, noting “through these conversations [with Donald Trump] I feel confident that he would help us turn the ideas in this  [conservative] agenda into laws to help improve people’s lives.”“That’s why I’ll be voting for him this fall,” he added.Are the remnants of the neocon party finally starting to warm up to Trump?Or do they finally see the writing on the wall that is their inevitable decline and hope to salvage what little influence they have left over their constituents?The upcoming months will reveal the answer, but the old guard Republicans won’t be throwing Trump a house-warming party anytime soon.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Migrant Camp Freaks Out On Reporters Asking Questions

Infowars swarmed by migrant camp security

Infowars reporter Rob Dew is in Munich, Germany, with the leader of Germany’s Freedom Party. They travel to a migrant camp where 800 migrants are being housed and fed by the German government.
As soon as Rob attempted to speak to two men walking into the complex, a group of self-appointed migrant security rush the reporters and demand they turn off the cameras, threatening to delete the footage and detain them.

Donald Trump: "Hillary should be in Jail for what She did with Her Email"

“What a mess she’s in. Who would be so stupid to do what she did with her emails?”

“What a mess she’s in. Who would be so stupid to do what she did with her emails?”
“But I get why she did it — because she’s a thief. That’s why she did it,”
“Hillary Clinton should be in jail for what she did to our national security. She could have used a government server.”
“They are protecting her from going to jail, and she doesn’t want to anger the president by saying, ‘I disagree with you on this.’”

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Anti-Trump Judge is Hispanic Grand Dragon Only way to Open

Media downplays Clinton education scandal as supremacist judge oversees Trump case

The United States district court judge overseeing the class-action lawsuit against Trump University is a member of the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.
According to the Daily Caller, Gonzalo Curiel openly admitted in a 2011 judicial questionnaire to having a long history with the group – whose name translates to none other than “the race.”
The controversial judge, who has attended at least two La Raza Lawyers of San Diego meetings and was involved with giving “a law school scholarship to an illegal alien,” is also a supporter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
“I think first of all it’s important to establish that the judge is not only a Mexican radical, he’s a Hillary Clinton contributor,” political insider Roger Stone told Alex Jones Saturday.
The judge’s position is seen by many as a conflict of interest given his public support of illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, the media has all but completely overlooked a massive educational scandal involving both Bill and Hillary Clinton that dwarfs accusations leveled towards Trump.
“Trump University was a real estate course and it was a very successful one for many people. Now there were a very small percentage of students who were unhappy with the success of the course because they didn’t go out and make a million dollars immediately,” Stone said.
“There’s an overwhelming satisfaction rate. The number of dollars involved here are relatively small. This scandal pales in comparison to Laureate University.”As detailed by multiple journalists including Breitbart’s Stephen K. Bannon, Bill was forced to step down as honorary chancellor of Laureate Education last year after several shocking revelations surfaced.“The reason for Clinton’s immediate departure: Clinton Cash revealed, and Bloomberg confirmed, that Laureate funneled Bill Clinton $16.46 million over five years while Hillary Clinton’s State Dept. pumped at least $55 million to a group run by Laureate’s founder and chairman, Douglas Becker, a man with strong ties to the Clinton Global Initiative,” Bannon writes.“Laureate has donated between $1 million and $5 million (donations are reported in ranges, not exact amounts) to the Clinton Foundation. Progressive billionaire George Soros is also a Laureate financial backer.”Daily Caller writer Peter Schweizer noted in 2015 that with “$4 billion in annual revenue, Laureate Education is America’s largest for-profit college company.”As more facts regarding the looming and gargantuan Laureate debacle are uncovered, Trump’s alleged scandal
will appear even more infinitesimal in comparison – especially given the ties to Clinton by the very judge expected to fairly rule over Trump University.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

EU Proposes Government ID to Use Internet

Proposal sparks Mark of the Beast comparisons

The European Union is proposing a government ID for using the Internet which will eradicate both on-line privacy and free speech.
Spearheaded by former communist official Andrus Ansip, the European Commission published a draft document outlining its proposed electronic ID that would not only allow the EU to track what you say on-line, but also what you buy.

According to the document:
It is recognised that a multitude of username and password combinations is both inconvenient and a security risk. However, the frequent practice of using one’s platform profile to access a range of websites and services often involves non-transparent exchanges and cross- linkages of personal data between various online platforms and websites. As a remedy, in order to keep identification simple and secure, consumers should be able to choose the credentials by which they want to identify or authenticate themselves. In particular, online platforms should accept credentials issued or recognised by national public authorities, such as electronic or mobile IDs, national identity cards, or bank cards.
To sum it up, the EU wants to monitor everything Europeans do on-line by having all their Internet activities linked to a government ID which will annihilate on-line anonymity.
The program has already drawn comparisons to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ from the Book of Relevation.
“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark—the name of the beast or the number of its name,” Revelation 13:16 read, and it’s plausible the EU will eventually propose an implantable, biometric ID.
Furthermore, Mr. Ansip is from Estonia, a former communist country which has the most advanced mandatory ID system in the world.
“Much more than simply a legal picture ID, the mandatory national card serves as the digital access card for all of Estonia’s secure e-services,” the country boasts, and without the ID, citizens cannot:
  • Travel within the EU as an Estonian citizen
  • Use national health insurance
  • Access bank accounts
  • Take public transportation
  • Or even vote