Monday, September 21, 2009

It’s Almost too Late

Ya know I started this blog as kind of a passing fancy because I am a believer in surviving, and I love gardening. Thinking this would be a good blog subject for potential viewers.
BUT believe me I feel it is time to get serious about these considerations. I am beginning to believe we are in the midsts of a social melt down. and it will be everyone for themselves, Forget about help from the government, look at New Orleans they are still rebuilding, but if it was a another country they would have been rebuilt with state of the art Construction thanks to your tax dollars. This brings my topic of survival to a whole new level. Don’t worry this is not a panic attack and I am not trying to scare anyone but we need to be ready. Just getting educated on these subjects is not enough, you need to make a plan and start gathering things you will need. And most important you need to use the tools you gather to become proficient at using them, you don’t want to learn in the middle of an emergency. There are so many subjects about surviving as far as food, water, shelter, weapons, fire, clothing, so many things to consider so just start thinking about what you would need to do to be ready, just in case. Remember this, It's better to be years early than a minute too late.

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