Friday, February 11, 2011


Water, the ubiquitous substance that makes our planet so unique... is something we often take for granted. After air, we consume more water than any other substance, and we can live only a few days without it.

We have been told we should drink eight glasses of water per day, but few recognize this equates to 64 oz. of water, or a half-gallon. Instead, we consume coffee, tea, and soda—but these should not be substitutes for our daily water consumption. Who remembers the original size of a bottle of Coke was 8 oz., not the 64 oz. Big Gulps so common today?

Bob Vineyard, Pres. & Founder, Pure Water Systems

Even in the medical establishment water is seldom granted much attention. A search of the medical and scientific research databases yields amazingly few papers of interest, and many of these research reports would not stand up to strict scientific scrutiny.

There is a considerable amount of "pseudo-science" found when searching for information about water and water quality, and even the topic of BEV water is sometimes distorted and misrepresented with colorful language and unsubstantiable claims. Phrases like "it causes body frequencies to dance" or "BEV water is music" have no place in a scientific discussion, and have no relationship to the body of research and correlation studies performed by Prof. Vincent.

Unfortunately, there are people who will exploit the lack of scientific training in the general population. They will cite research reports and papers that don't exist, and they will even create words that sound impressive to make their claims. We encourage you to be cautious when evaluating systems for treating your drinking water, and beware the myths and misrepresentations of unscrupulous profiteers.

The purification systems manufactured by Pure Water Systems are developed from an understanding of the extensive body of scientific research performed by Professor L.C. Vincent. The result is water with purity unmatched by any other residential system available today—water meeting the BEV standards for purity and biocompatibility.

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