Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Colorado Gun Shops Suffer Under New Firearm Laws

Julie Wilson
July 2, 2013

New gun laws enacted in Colorado yesterday have crippled some gun and pawn shops.

The state once considered part of the Wild West is now reduced to imposing universal background checks on gun purchases and is also banned from selling ammunition magazines that hold over 15 rounds.

New gun laws followed in the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school last December in Newtown, Conn. where 20 children and 6 adults were killed. Although the story has been widely publicized and city governments nationwide have even implemented legislation based on this event alone, many questions remain unanswered about the gruesome killings.

The most important question left unanswered is why? Why did Adam Lanza suddenly slay 20 school children at a school that he himself once attended? When tragedies like this occur, usually the public is interested in getting inside the mind of the killer and finding out why. But in this case more questions were left unanswered than information was provided.

Blogs and alternative media websites questioned what type of mental state Adam Lanza was in, asking what prescription drugs, if any, he was on.

The establishment media sidestepped these questions completely, and it was never made public what prescription drugs Lanza was on.

Despite loads of unanswered questions, the mainstream media waged a war against AR-15s demanding they be abolished and even managed to inflict hoplophobia, the fear on firearms, on the entire country.

Since then, all sorts of gun laws have been proposed including gun taxes, mandated firearm insurance, universal background checks, mandatory gun-registration, magazine restrictions and even all-out bans on particular firearms.

While the US government is the world’s largest firearms distributor, they are now adamant to stop private gun companies from selling certain firearms and magazines.

Colorado is the most recent state to be hit with new gun laws. Rod Brandenburg, the owner of Grandpa’s Pawn and Gun, says the new law “bars him from returning such magazines to the customers who show up at his shop to repay the principal and interest on the loans they got,” according to local Colorado newspaper.

Last Saturday Brandenburg said his business had “between 50 and 100 ammunition magazines that will be in violation of the 15-round limit.”

Brandenburg was able to call customers in advance of the new law and warn them that they needed to come pick up their magazines and bring something else to pawn before the law went into effect on Monday. However, many customers were not able to retrieve them in time.

The owner told the local newspaper that “the new law is forcing him to violate the contract between him and his customers”, adding that he’s meeting with his local sheriff on Tuesday for “advice on what to do.”

Gander Mountain, a Colorado sporting goods store that previously sold so called high-capacity magazines prior to the law going into effect, told Infowars.com how the new laws were affecting them. “We are currently waiting to hear from the corporate office on what to do with the left over stock of high-capacity magazines. We will most likely ship them out to states that don’t have the same firearm restrictions.”

It seems silly to ban the magazines in one state just to have them shipped out and sold in another state. But fortunately for the franchises, they have the option of transferring their merchandise to another store, but what about the mom and pop shops?

Lamont Norris, an employee at Pawn Bank in Englewood, Co., told Infowars.com there’s absolutely nothing they can do with their high-capacity magazines, and as of now they’re just sitting idly on the shelves. Norris also said, “It is illegal to release them, so as of now we have no plans on what to do with them.”

The Colorado State Patrol Office, the entity who’s supposed to be in charge of answering questions regarding the new law, said they don’t have any information or instructions to offer businesses that are stuck with these now illegal magazines.

In fact the Colorado State Patrol office couldn’t even provide direction on who to contact regarding this issue.

Even some Colorado sheriffs are against the new gun restrictions. Last Saturday at a rally protesting the new laws, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke told thousands of participants that “he didn’t intend to enforce the new laws because they’re unenforceable.”

According to the Daily Caller, Cooke and 54 other elected sheriffs are suing the state in an attempt to overturn the new law. In a July 10th hearing, the plaintiffs will request a suspension on the law until the lawsuit is settled.

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