Sunday, June 2, 2013

Genetically Modified Food Giant Monsanto Gives Up In Europe

Wolf Richter
Testosterone Pit
June 2, 2013

The “March Against Monsanto” in 52 countries, an unapproved strain of its genetically modified wheat growing profusely in Oregon, cancelled wheat export orders … it’s been a rough week for Monsanto.

But now it threw in the towel in Europe, where its genetically modified seeds have faced stiff resistance at every twist and turn.

Even its deep corporate pockets and mastery of lobbying have failed: “It’s counterproductive to fight against windmills,” its spokesman told the Tageszeitung.

The propitious week started last Saturday with the “March Against Monsanto,” when people in over 400 cities in 52 countries protested against the company, its influence over governments, and its GMO seeds.

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