Saturday, January 11, 2014

Obama On Defense As 16 Dem Senators Support New Iranian Sanctions

Washington Free Beacon
January 11, 2014

President Obama and his administration have been forced on the defensive, Fox News’ Ed Henry reported Friday, as 16 Democratic senators have joined with 43 Republicans in support for a bill increasing economic sanctions on Iran.

“The administration is on defense because there are now 59 senators, including 16 democrats, who have defied the president, to support a bill to ready new sanctions if diplomatic talks fail,” Henry said.

“While the President believes the bill could blow up the talks,” Henry continued, “Menendez insists again today he wants diplomacy to succeed, but the U.S. needs a plan b.”

Henry’s report come in the wake of a Huffington Post article in which White House officials dared Democratic senators advocating new sanctions to “admit they want war.”

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